ZoCo Design Helps Startups Brand

The really great thing about Central Ohio’s entrepreneurial community is that the entrepreneurs here are so willing to help each other out. That’s doubly true for Lacey Picazo, founder of ZoCo Design. Although her firm is less than two years old, ZoCo Design is an active Expert Network (EN) provider. Picazo and her team have extensive experience in design; ZoCo... Read more

Concept Academy Helps Concept Companies Figure out the Direction They Want to Go

Results exceeded expectations for the inaugural session of TechColumbus’ new Concept Academy. The Academy is designed specifically to help companies figure out:  a direction for their business, initial market segments, product features that are the most likely to satisfy customer needs in those markets, and a process for collecting direct customer feedback and modifying the company direction and features accordingly.... Read more

Ask an Entrepreneur: How Do You Stay True to Your Vision and Open to Advice?

Welcome to TechColumbus’ blog series, Ask an Entrepreneur. Central Ohio’s entrepreneurs have a wealth of information and learned experience. Baloonr co-founders Amanda Greenberg and Noah Bornstein teamed up to create an entirely new approach to vetting creative content and ideas over the Internet. We asked Amanda to talk with us about Baloonr’s experience in turning their vision into a product... Read more

SpringBox Labs Accelerator is All About Access to Capital

Access is a big reason that entrepreneurs locate their startups in TechColumbus’ SpringBox Labs accelerator. Access to newly outfitted office and meeting space and a great address. Access to a professional, turn- key business environment at affordable rates. Access to the benefits and buzz of being located right next to TechColumbus’ venture advisory teams. Access to an office neighborhood full... Read more

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Simple-Fill Achieves Milestones

How would you like to save one-third to one-half of the cost of gasoline or diesel fuel? Simple-Fill, a Columbus-based spinout of The Ohio State University, is developing a new technology that reliably and affordably compresses natural gas (CNG) so that it can be used to fuel cars and trucks.  It’s been about six months since TechColumbus announced that Simple-Fill... Read more