5 Reasons NOT to Base Your Business Plan on a B2B Product that Sells Itself

#117046655 / gettyimages.com Even though we’ve learned to never say “never” when it comes to entrepreneurship, we have never yet seen a sustainable business plan that was based on a product or service that “sold itself.”  This isn’t to deny that somewhere, in some corner of the Internet, such a product might exist. But even if it does and we... Read more

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VentureNEXT Crowd Celebrates Entrepreneurship in Central Ohio

Leading entrepreneurs, investors, creatives, and corporations turned out in force to champion Central Ohio’s innovation economy at the first ever VentureNEXT celebration.  Nearly 400 participants filled the LC Pavilion on November 6 for an evening of connection and collaboration.  “The enthusiasm for VentureNEXT just goes to show that now is a very exciting time to be part of the Central Ohio... Read more


5 VentureNEXT Lessons for Startups and Entrepreneurs

It was about this time last year that we began brainstorming ideas for VentureNEXT.  We knew we wanted to create a truly unique celebration of Central Ohio’s entrepreneurs. We wanted to host something memorable, something that hadn’t been done before. So, like all good entrepreneurs, we white boarded the possibilities. We talked about having product demonstrations. We discussed setting up... Read more

Four Amazing and Inspiring Students Win VentureNEXT Awards

The remarkable students—two from OSU and two who are still in high school—who were honored at VentureNEXT are people you will want to get to know.  Why? Because they are exactly the kind of folks we need to spark Central Ohio’s innovation economy. Damian Beauchamp, who is working on his PhD in chemistry at OSU, has already co-founded his first... Read more

Mariah Cox, Zane Trace High School Junior, Receives VentureNEXT Student Award

Mariah Cox, a junior at Zane Trace High School in Chillicothe, OH, and winner of the 2014 VentureNEXT Student Award, first encountered the scientific method when she was in the fourth grade. Her first science experiment—the beginners’ classic—was observing yeast rising at different temperatures of water. Since then, Mariah’s experiments and projects have become more original and more mature. “I... Read more