Ask an Entrepreneur: What are Your Tips for Building Strategic Partnerships?

Welcome to TechColumbus’ blog series, Ask an Entrepreneur. Central Ohio’s entrepreneurs have a wealth of information and learned experience. They share it here. Simple-Fill* has done a masterful job of creating strategic partnerships. Simple-Fill has developed technology, funding, product, and business development partnerships with The Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research (CAR), where the technology was conceived, as well... Read more

A High-Tech Product that Helps Farmers Conserve the Soil and Increase Yields

Bruce Caldwell, CEO and founder of 3Bar Biologics, Inc., figures that he’s been to more than 65 farms since spring. His goal is to meet 100 farmers before winter sets in. 3Bar Biologics, a SpringBox Labs company, provides natural, beneficial microorganisms (the product name is VIAH A1) that promote crop health, enhance quality, and improve yields. So Caldwell has a... Read more

Expert Network: The Floriss Group, LLC Mentors that Change the Path to Growth

“When I look at the misconceptions that non-sales practitioners bring to sales meetings,” says James Rores, founder and chief growth officer of The Floriss Group, “it is similar to the way ancient civilizations believed the path to curing a migraine was to drill a hole in the skull.” Rores has been an active participant in Expert Network from the very... Read more

MentorcliQ Helps Make Mentoring Work

The impetus for MentorcliQ goes back to founder Phil George’s time in the Peace Corps. As a volunteer in Armenia, he helped establish a not-for-profit that provided business education for women. “These women represented a generation of young people who were eager to embrace the changing times, but lacked a lot of mentors to look up to,” George said. So... Read more

Vantage Point Logistics Helps Customers Significantly Reduce Shipping Costs

Vantage Point Logistics (VPL) has some good news for health care systems and universities that want to cut their costs.  “We help them save money by managing and reducing their inbound shipping costs,” says Eric McGlade, VPL co-founder.  “Inbound shipping may not be an obvious first place to save,” he says, “but with the visibility and control that VPL brings,... Read more